What is Recoya?

Recoya is a website that lists second-hand record and CD stores across Japan. Initially opened as 'recodata' in the spring of 2015, we have been continuously updating our information. In the spring of 2017, we updated our services to include review and bookmarking features, and also revamped the design, changing the service's name to Recoya.

Our goal is to provide a service that helps record enthusiasts discover record stores they haven't yet visited.

Is there a fee to use this service?

No, it's absolutely free. Please feel free to use our service.

The information about the record store is incorrect

Please contact us through our website. We will verify the details and update the information accordingly.

Can the listed information such as photos and store details be posted or reproduced on other sites?

Unauthorized reproduction or reposting is strictly prohibited. Please contact us via our form for any inquiries.